The NRCS & Safety Footwear in South Africa

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (also known as the NRCS) is an independent organization that is mandated and gazetted by the South African Government to enforce compulsory specifications.

Safety Footwear is one of many categories which the NRCS regulates. 

The NRCS monitors and inspects the South African safety footwear market to ensure that the compulsory specifications of safety footwear are being adhered to by safety footwear manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers. 

The South African National Gazette 1019, confirms that the compulsory specification for safety footwear is the SANS 20345 specification.

Furthermore, the gazette confirms that the NRCS is responsible for issuing the necessary approvals for safety footwear, that is in accordance with the requirements of this Compulsory Specification. 

Should you wish to download a copy of the gazette please go to the following link:

DOT Supports the NRCS’s view in protecting human health, safety, and the environment, and to ensure fair trade by following the government policies and guidelines.

All the footwear within the DOT range is tested by internationally recognized laboratories and meet CE EN ISO 20345 quality requirements.