The DOT Group

Four Unique Brands 

Our mission at DOT Safety Footwear is to continue to lead the industry through safety, quality, and innovation ensuring DOT Safety Footwear continues to grow as South Africa’s go-to safety footwear provider.

Environments are forever changing and & technology is always advancing. At DOT Safety Footwear, we continue to develop, refine and enhance our range of industry-specific footwear.

Each brand, range and style within our group has been specifically designed and engineered to fit the unique challenges and requirements of your particular industry.

DOT Safety Footwear is a leading manufacturer, stockist and wholesaler of safety footwear in Souther Africa. Supplying a comprehensive range of quality footwear at competitive prices, we continuously live up to our pledge of Consistency, Reliability & Durability. With over 15 years of exciting transformation and growth, we take great pride in introducing you to our growing range of tried and tested quality footwear. We are certain that you will find your Perfect Fit.

Ella Safety Footwear offers a dynamic range of Ladies Fashion Safety Footwear. Because as women we deserve footwear that’s not only strong and durable, but also unique & feminine. Ella Safety Footwear – Designed just for you!


Quality assured and tested to endure the toughest combat environments, Patriot Footwear proudly and loyally commits to providing superior and reliable footwear you can depend on.

A Premium Range of footwear, engineered from the finest quality materials just like our machinery. Exclusively and proudly licensed from the world-renowned, UK based, J.C Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB).